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(The Organisation for the Developpment of Citizen and European Initiatives)

www.adice.asso.fr/en/ (Web site in English)


       The ADICE, as our sending organisation, is the root of our project. The ADICE set up the project "Memory for the future", which found financing, which offered us our civic pre-departure training and is following our evolution in Ukraine as volunteers and the evolution of our project. The ADICE is our support in France.

The organization

          Since its creation in February 1999, the Organisation for the Developpment of Citizen and European Initiatives (the ADICE) works to promote groups in social difficulties (the young people, the unemployed, the people who come from imigration).


       The ADICE considers that the mobility, as a way of integration and of social and cultural mixity, enables to develop social, professionnal and intercultural competences.


       The ADICE aim is to enable for everybody to get abroad enhancive experiences, taking also consideration of competences and experiences of each one in a promoting way and not in an integrating way.

The ADICE set up a supporting platform for the mobility which is centred on three points :

  • Sensitisation, information and trainings for the ADICE public and for local and international professionnals, notably working on youth domain.

  • Research and the definition on pertinent projects enabling to answer to the various experiences of the ADICE public. The ADICE realize it by the développment of its international partners network.

  • The leading of the ADICE public in order to be sure that the mobility experience goes through a coherent way and gonna be successful.

The ADICE offer to its public three different ways of mobility :

  • Initiation to the mobility through a volontariat which lasts generally one month. The ADICE had set up a specific training of people for whom going alone abroad is to get over an important step. This initiation is offered by European Voluntary Service.

  • The involvment on public interest projects abroad by a voluntariat about 2 to 12 months. This voluntariat is done by an European Voluntary Service, an European Civil Service or an Volontary Civil Service (in France and abroad).

  • The professionnalisation by a professionnal training abroad by various European and international programs : Leonardo Da Vinci program and Job-Training Quebec program.

  Matthias Crepel

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